Just $100 to Start Work on Your Case

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We allow for easy payments at no interest to best assist our clients with their financial recovery. After receipt of the initial $100 retainer, you are then able to refer all of your pestering bill collectors and creditors to our law firm. Once advised of our representing you in bankruptcy most creditors are then prohibited from contacting you directly. Being informed that you have retained counsel, they are required to contact the law firm handling your bankruptcy. This is an immediate benefit to those retaining our law firm to represent them in their bankruptcy. Understand that before your bankruptcy can be filed with the court, we will need to complete all of the necessary work and receive all of the necessary fees.

Just $100 to Start Your Case Moving Forward

After receipt of the $100 retainer, we will begin working toward completing what’s required to discharge all of your unsecured debt. Your retainer goes toward paying down whatever amount is owed for the attorney fees.

Low Retainer Bankruptcy

In addition to our allowing for easy payments at no interest, our clients create their own payment schedule for paying the remainder of the attorney fees. There is no pressure and no rush. People that reach out to us are often struggling to provide for themselves and their families. Our firm was founded on the understanding that we need to work with our clients to allow the benefits of bankruptcy accessible to those who require it most. Keep in mind, however, that if you decide to make payments to the Bankruptcy Court for their filing fee you must be very careful to make all payments to the court according to the schedule ordered by the court. 
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