Attorneys sometimes find themselves with fortunes in the trust accounts from clients that have died without apparent heirs or from clients that seem to have vanished in thin air.

San Antonio Lawyer Invokes the 5th in Bankruptcy Proceeding

By Patrick Danner

December 6, 2016 

todd-prinsSan Antonio attorney Todd Prins is accused of fabricating court documents and forging judges’ signatures in a case involving former clients. He appeared Tuesday at a creditors meeting in his own personal bankruptcy case in the Hipolito Garcia Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse. Embattled San Antonio attorney Todd Prins, accused of fabricating court documents and forging judges’ signatures, invoked his right not to incriminate himself more than 25 times at a bankruptcy proceeding Tuesday. Among the questions Prins wouldn’t answer during a creditors meeting was whether he has complied with a Bexar County Probate Court judge’s order to turn over to the court $360,902 that has been held in his law firm’s trust account for a deceased client’s estate. Prins cited the Fifth and 14th amendments and a section of the Texas Constitution in declining to answer that and other questions. The 14th Amendment grants “equal protection of the laws” to all U.S. citizens.

The issue is expected to come up again Wednesday when Prins is scheduled to appear before Probate Judge Kelly Cross for a hearing to determine whether he should be held in contempt for disobeying her Sept. 28 order to turn over the money. It’s just the latest legal trouble for Prins, who has been sued by two former clients accusing him of fabricating court documents and forging judges and others’ signatures in a 2009 Bexar County District Court case to conceal from his clients the actual status of the case.

Prins and his wife filed for Chapter 7 liquidation in September and he has been accused of fabricating court document and forging judges’ signatures in a case involving former clients.

Source: San Antonio lawyer pleads the 5th in bankruptcy proceeding – San Antonio Express-News