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If you need an affordable bankruptcy attorney in Orcutt, you should call us now for immediate help with your debts. You’ll benefit from a fresh start through debt relief and our bankruptcy law firm may save you thousands of dollars. Phone us now for your free consultation with an Orcutt bankruptcy attorney today. We’ll start to work on your bankruptcy with just a $100 retainer. We accept easy payments at no interest to help with your financial recovery.

Our law firm accepts payments at a pace that works best for you and with a schedule that you can afford. We provide professional bankruptcy services for the people of Orcutt and the Surrounding Area. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Learn how we can stop lawsuits and wage garnishments with the automatic stay. 

While you may have a number of choices when selecting a bankruptcy attorney our law firm will demonstrate itself to be your absolute best value. Providing clients with debt relief is the primary focus of our firm. We provide outstanding bankruptcy services while keeping our fees low.

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    How Much to File Bankruptcy in Orcutt

    We strive to keep the attorney fees for our clients’ Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in the Orcutt area as low as possible. After we learn the specifics of your situation, we’ll then be able to determine our required fees to file and complete your Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

    If you’re wondering how to stop wage garnishments and lawsuits or you’re just overwhelmed by debts and exploring your options, we offer a free assessment with a bankruptcy attorney. We’re available to assist you in determining whether bankruptcy is in fact your best option and whether you qualify to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. is a bankruptcy law firm dedicated to helping those who are experiencing financial difficulties. Our goal is to wipe out your debt while making the bankruptcy process as trouble-free and as easy as possible. With our law firm, you are assured of having a truly affordable Orcutt lawyer whose focus is on providing you with the best consumer bankruptcy services possible.

    Bankruptcy discountOur law firm proudly provides debt relief services at a discount for the men and women who serve our country in the military. We’ll reduce our rates for both veterans and those on active duty. We appreciate your service. When you contact us, please request our military discount. We support our troops and our country.
    Orcutt bankruptcy attorney

    Dean W. Feldman

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    The Bankruptcy Process in Orcutt

    Keep in mind that people filing for bankruptcy in the Orcutt Area will need to attend a hearing at the Federal Bankruptcy Court. By retaining our law firm you may rest easy by being assured of having the representation of a professional bankruptcy attorney. We are strong advocates for our clients and we don’t back down to anyone. Our law firm takes the worries out of filing bankruptcy for our clients. 


    You will not find another bankruptcy lawyer in Orcutt working as diligently as our team to meet the financial needs of our clients. Call us now and discover how our law firm can provide you with fast, easy, and affordable debt relief.

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