Santa buys foreclosed home and gives it back to family

By Blaine Carragher 

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — A family got an unexpected visit from Santa on Thursday morning.

A few months ago, the Batts lost their home to foreclosure. Santa decided to buy the home on 19th Street and give it back to the family.

The big man in red dropped off the deed on Thursday when only David Batts was home.

“I’ve been in this house since 1969. That’s a long time,” Batts said.

With such a rich history in the neighborhood, the Batts didn’t want to move.

Thanks to Santa’s gift, they won’t have to.

“God sent him to me, this is God’s work, I believe this,” Batts said.

The Batts thought they might be able to buy the house down the road, so they had been talking with the person who bought their house.

That person may or may not have given Santa the tip to help out the family.  

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Source: (WSAZ)